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FEMEX™ uses a separate ‘insertion wand’, which enables a woman to easily position the device, without touching herself.

FEMEX™ can be inserted up to 6 hours in advance of anticipated intercourse. The device can be moved aside during urination. FEMEX™ is manufactured from thin, elastic, polyurethane film, which will not be noisy during use. Air is infused into the microtubules by either partner by squeezing a minute, arc-shaped air-bulb, pre-attached to the outer […]


ULTIMATE™ and ZEUS™ and CONDAX™ condom applicators, reduce the average time of application from 10-12 seconds ( including all steps) to under 2 seconds, and allow the condom to be donned using one hand. All CMP products offer a self-disposal packaging feature making use of the products even more convenient. CMP will offer the entirely […]


High Technology Condoms: 1 New Specialty Condom, LEVITRON™, improves on dysfunction by increasing erection retention by 300%, while simultaneously supporting a man and increasing pleasure for both partners – resulting in more pleasure than with no condom at all. 2 new surface treatments make the outside of condoms more slippery while making the inside of […]

CMP solution is Totally Natural – No pills, No needles, No implants, and No pumps.

Just some old fashioned but newly patented physics. The result is LEVITRON™ and ERECTEX™. Both of these inexpensive medical products are safe and require no prescription. They use natural air pressure, focused and directed on to the penis, to cause a gentle compression, so as to make and keep the penis hard enough for intercourse. […]


Unfortunately, erectile dysfunction (ED) is a naturally occurring condition, often exacerbated by age, that causes men and sometimes even their female partners to suffer embarrassment, lowered self-esteem and has led to the loss of relationships. Who is affected? Incredibly, eventually, almost everyone will at one time or another experience ED’s effects. Not surprisingly, the concerns […]