ULTIMATE MEDICAL PRODUCTS LLC is a division of Condax LLC, a holding company, formed in 1995.  Their team of Medical Researchers and Physicians have, for 20 years, perfected and tested patented technology in the areas of contraception, safer sex, and erectile dysfunction. The first product ready for market is the FDA (510k) approved, Patented 5,549,196; 5,896,983; 7,617,827, ‘INSTANT-ON’™ Condom Applicator.

The INSTANT-ON™ Condom Applicator has been tested in more than 4000 clinical trials under funding from the National Institutes of Health and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The INSTANT-ON™ Condom Applicator was independently and successfully tested by the Family Health Laboratory following prescribed ASTM standards. The FDA has classified it and the condoms attached to it as Type II Medical Devices that are safe for use. This FDA approval required that every condom pass two full complete rounds of integrity testing – first when they are manufactured and second after they were attached to the applicator. This protection-standard is higher than it is for any other condom.