Advisory Professionals

Dr. Kenneth Hershon, MD, Endocrinologist – Dr. Hershon  heads a large practice specializing in Diabetes in New Hyde Park and has conducted much of the research on Cialis Erectile Dysfunction treatment.

Dr. Arnold Melman, MD – Dr. Melman  was former Chairman of the Department of Urology for Albert Einstein College of Medicine / Montefiore Medical Center and a leading expert in erectile dysfunction. Dr. Melman is continuing his own research on using stem-cell technology to revive and return erectile functioning. Dr. Melman has served as Chairman of the FDA’s Urological Device Panel.

Dr. Louis Z. Cooper, MD  – A world renouwn specialist in virology and vaccines, Dr. Cooper also served as President of the American Pediatric Association.

Dr. David C. Spray, Ph.D. – Dr. Spray is a neurologist researcher at AECOM and considered the one of the world’s foremost authorities on the physiology of the penis.

Dr. Martin Lesser, Ph.D. – Dr. Lesser  is Director of Biostatistics at the North Shore University Medical Center and supervises the analysis of all company research results.

Dr. Shari Lynne Rogers, Ph.D. – Dr. Rogers  is a family psychotherapist and provides expertise in understanding the psychological problems of intimacy Dr. Rogers founded the Building Relationships LLC (501c3) that uses the construct of ‘Spill the Honey’ to improve and implement better relationships between African-Americans and Jews so as to engender World Peace.

Mr. Jeffrey Schwab, JD  – Founding Partner of Abelman, Frayne & Schwab Patent Attorneys, Litigation Specialist

Ms. Susan Ash, Licensed Physical Therapist – Serves as Clinical Trials Coordinator and Product Performance Analyst

Mr. John Beach, Polymer and Heat-Seal Engineer – Develops Prototypes and specifies product commercialization.

Mr. Jeffrey Tremelling  – Associate Director of the Family Health International Quality Control and Compliance Laboratory and supervises the testing of all condoms entering the United States on behalf of the FDA.

Rabbi Barry Dov Schwartz, DD – Rabbi Schwartz reviews company study practices concerning canons of ethics.