No More Loss of Erection

A man’s readiness for sex, and his ability to maintain his erection is complicated. The INSTANT-ON™ Applicator causes its attached condom to go on instantly….truly “Instant-ON™”.

Contributing to the problem of maintaining an erection are the following:

A) Newness of the relationship,
B) Being Fatigued or Overtired,
C) Being intoxicated with alcohol or other drugs,
E) Physical and Situational circumstances – noise and or new surroundings,
F) Experiencing Psychological or physical stress  The INSTANT-ON Condom + Applicator helps overcome these problems.


For Example: Any fumbling on opening the package…. or attempting to ‘don’ (position the condom on the penis) a condom, ….attempted but wrong-way-on application, ….inadvertent condom breaks because it caught on your fingernail…and when, because of rush, you’ve failed to ‘roll-it-down, all exacerbate the erection problems. Too often, the consequence of this’ problems’ is Interruption and Loss-of-Erection. Unfortunately, because of these hassles, many people don’t try to use condoms.

Using the INSTANT-ON Condom + Applicator Solves all these hassles. When used according to directions, the Applicator will correctly orient and enable one-handed condom application nearly instantly. The devices correctly position their attached and lubricated condom so that the user can then easily thumb-roll the condom off the device and onto the penis. Condoms should always be rolled down to the base of the penis.