Our Lab


What other companies refer to as their pipeline, at Ultimate we call it our LAB.

No other company is exclusively focused on making sex safer & more pleasurable.
Our dedication began just after Rock Hudson announced he had AIDS. The use of condoms, problematic since their introduction during the reign of the Egyptian Pharaohs, was consequentially essential. The intrinsic use-problems known to exist about condom use became Condax’s and then Ultimate’s prime motivation leading, in turn, to our multiple product-solutions.

From our focus on developing Instant-ON and Non-interrupting devices, we moved into improving safe- usage while increasing stimulation and pleasurable enjoyment for both partners. We have also  enhanced the natural protection properly used condoms offer against sexually transmitted infections by including in a FUTURE Product a microbicide system that kills the HIV/AIDS Virus ‘on contact’, and also kills HPV and Herpes Simplex viruses as well.

Under the impetus of Dr. Clarence B. Jones who wrote the I Have A Dream speech, as lawyer for his then client Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Ultimate has chosen to offer its vira-cidal-condoms, and its ConDISC™ method to all countries in Africa free of patent royalty. We will negotiate this benefit the moment these revolutionary condoms achieve 510(k) FDA Approval.

All condoms used or offered by Condax or Ultimate, either individually or attached to one of our Condom Applicators are approved under the FDA Standards and Practices and have 510(k) certification.  In fact, for all condom applicators, every condom attached to an applicator must, already, have been tested in accordance with the FDA standards, and, then, after samples were assembled to the applicators, they are removed and retested in accordance with the same standard. No other condom is subjected to Two Complete Rounds of testing. This is referred to as Double Round Testing.  Hence the companies are highly confident about the integrity of the condoms we use.



Our LAB has accumulated research results on more than 6,000 actual clinical trials of couples who practiced sex in the privacy of their own bedroom using our products in comparison to conventionally available condoms.

Some of those results are posted below.  Please pay close attention to how African-Americans and people with Hispanic roots seem to really prefer Ultimate products.  So do people over 40 – the same demographics who might be experiencing sex with someone new.


Please Note Overwhelming’ Positive’ BLUE Response or EASE and SPEED when using the Ultimate Condom Applicator. Everyone finds our applicators very Easy and very Speed.