Introducing: ‘Instant-ON™’, the Doctor Developed Condom-Applicator and Condom; Now, Clinically Proved & Safety Tested under Funding from the National Institutes of Health and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. INSTANT-ON ™ … Enhances and Increases Pleasure- Performance By 300%; As repeatedly demonstrated in 6000 Clinical-Trials over 20 Years.

There is ‘No More Fumbling’ and ‘No More Erection Loss’ – ‘Instant-ON™’ puts the condom on– correctly every time- using only 1 hand in 1 second.

  • This is FIRST Major Breakthrough in Personal-Pleasure/Contraceptive-Health in 50 Years!
  • Cheaper than a cup-of-coffee, ‘Instant-ON™’ initiates a Paradigm-Shift of ‘EASE & SPEED’ in the World-Wide Prophylactic/Protective Device Industry. Already FDA Approved.

Rockville Centre, New York – February 14, 2016 ‘Valentine’s Day’ – Until now, if you used any brand of condom, it often resulted in problems that were interruptive, embarrassing, and a lasting hassle. The disruptive factor of putting on a condom, too often, led to abandoning the protection entirely. Thus, in addition to its serving as a barrier against ‘feeling’, unanticipated circumstantial characteristics, intrinsic to plain latex condoms, have remained problematic. These diminish the overall sexual experience. The ‘Instant-ON™ Applicator, with its condom factory-pre-attached solves these same intrinsic problems – permanently.

Our Team of Urologists and Ob/Gyn Specialists developed and patented* ‘Instant-ON™’. ‘Instant-ON™’ is a flexible, foot-ball shaped flat plastic ring to which an ultra-thin latex of polymer condom was factory assembled in a manner that permits the condom to automatically detach and transfer to the penis with a simple thumb-roll during donning. Our Patented technology accomplishes the instant transfer in less than one second. The ring is designed to fit everyone. While instructions are provided, everyone masters the simple donning movement intuitively.

Instant-ON™ is so brilliantly simple that first time users always ask ‘Why did it take so long to Invent’. It works every time. It changes what used to be a ‘hassle’ into a no-brainer. Putting a condom on becomes natural. The Instant-ON Applicator is a Tool – Whose Time Has Come!

Instant-ON™ is available in several configurations. It comes in 2 Unit and 8 Unit sealed boxes. It is available, unboxed, as individual foil pouches. Each unit is sealed, and lubricated with water-based silicone. It is also sold plain, without a condom (assemble-your-own in less than 2 seconds. In this way a user may ‘LOAD’ any Brand Condom they already use and get the benefits of SPEED, EASE, PERFECT PLACEMENT INSTANT-ON…..WHILE REMAINING LOYAL TO THEIR BRAND OF CHOICE.

Instant-ON™ is available from Ultimate Medical Products, LLC. Rockville Centre, New York 11570.