Return Policy

All un-opened and unused products may be returned for proportionate credit only. If any opened or used product is returned, even along with unused and/or unopened units, NO CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN FOR ANY PRODUCT OR UNIT WITHIN THE PACKAGE RECEIVED.

All returns of unused/unopened units must be wrapped in a box.

All returns of unused/unopened units must contain the customer’s name and address that is cut off the original package that the company sent, and a printed note explaining why the unit(s) are being returned must accompany the returned item(s).

All returns must be received within 3 months of original shipping.

Returns may be mailed to Ultimate Medical Products LLC c/o Minuit 488 Sunrise Hwy., Rockville Centre, NY 11570. Return postage is the responsibility of the customer. Only unopened and unused products in their original foil wrapper will be accepted for return or credit. All returns must be accompanied by the cut-out address from the original package as shipped and must include a note explaining why the product is being returned.

Returns may be made through the least expensive public or private carrier means.  Under no circumstances may any product be returned in person or by private messenger or means.

Original shipping rates are NOT REFUNDABLE.  Customer responsible for paying for return shipping.

Credits will be issued in the customer’s original name. Credits are not transferrable. Credits may be used only for the purchase of any existing product or any new product that may become available within the next 5 years after the date of the original sale/shipment from the company. No credit amount can exceed any one original order.