Shipping Policy: Ultimate Medical Products LLC /Instant Condom Website

All products represented on the Company Shopping Page, which indicates their price per box and a shipping and handling charge of, ordinarily $4.95 per order of from 1-5 boxes in any combination are to be considered as shippable. To account for the weight of orders of 6 or more boxes a proportionately additional mailing charge will be added.

Orders will be shipped within 5 days of receipt of the payment for the order from stock inventory. If any item is not then in inventory, the customer will be notified by email.

Orders will ship per the above schedule any place in the Continental United States so long as a zip code is provided.  Orders to any other locations must add $15.00 for additional shipping and handling.

Orders will ship on a third day delivery basis from either the USPTO, UPS or FEDEX.

Orders for 1-5 boxes will be shipped for $4.95 to any location in the continental United States. Orders for larger quantities will have proportionately larger charges depending on weight.  If any shipment requires more than $15.00 shipping cost, those costs will be reconfirmed by email to the customer and based on the customer’s approval.

he company does not provide a tracking service or number for any shipment of 1-5 boxes.  If the order exceeds this number or if the shipping charge is greater than $15.00 a tracking number will be emailed to the customer.

Until advertised as available for ‘pick-up’, all orders will be mailed or delivered as above.

Packing materials are plain paper and may be recycled per ordinary commercially available means as provided by local ordinances.