FEMEX™ uses a separate ‘insertion wand’, which enables a woman to easily position the device, without touching herself.

FEMEX™ can be inserted up to 6 hours in advance of anticipated intercourse. The device can be moved aside during urination. FEMEX™ is manufactured from thin, elastic, polyurethane film, which will not be noisy during use. Air is infused into the microtubules by either partner by squeezing a minute, arc-shaped air-bulb, pre-attached to the outer rim of the device. This causes air to compress and then infuse into the tubule network. The network expands the device’s opening sufficiently to enable penile penetration. The expanded tubule network grasps the inserted penis shaft enabling the device to be withdrawn post orgasm. The expanded air-filled tubules better hold and stimulate the male while delivering internal friction to the woman at points not possibly stimulated by any other device.

Femex Female Condom
The FEMEX™ female condom is shown post-insertion and after the infusion of air into its microtubule network – permitting the network and the integral female condom to fully expand in the vagina. The device fully captures the inserted penis and protects against unintended introduction of seminal fluid into the vaginal cavity. FEMEX’S™ lateral and circumferential network supports and extends the penis’s intromissive pressure thus providing added pleasure for both the male and female partners.