What’s An Applicator

An Ultra-Sensitive condom comes already pre-positioned and assembled to the INSTANT-ON™ Condom Applicator. The applicator is a disposable flat ring, which is squeezed inwards to open and orient the condom over the penis. In one continuing motion the applicator ring is then used to slide the condom ‘ON’, easily and correctly, often, in less than one second. The condom always goes on in the correct-way-on direction and the user removes the applicator and rolls the condom to the base of the penis. The condom is lubricated at the factory.

The INSTANT-ON™ Applicator + condom combination eliminates common problems associated with traditional plain-condoms-only. With INSTANT-ON™ there is no LOSS OF THE MOMENT …or, worse, LOSS-OF- ERECTION.

NEW!      Instant-ON™    ORIGINAL!

What is a Condom Applicator? …. Why use one?

APPLICATORS* are ‘TOOLS’ that Solve Problems – For Example:



  • Instant-ON™
  • No Fumbling
  • No Erection Loss

The Invention* that Solves** a Problem No One Knew Existed*Supported by Grant Funds and Tested Under Medical Supervision from both The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the National Institutes of Health

Condoms go on, in one-second, always correctly! NO MORE HASSLE….NO MORE INTERRUPTION


BENEFITS of Instant-ON™ Condom Applicators  FDA Approved

  1. Instant-ON™ Donning
  2. Condom ‘goes-on’ in 1 Sec. using only 1 Hand
  3. No More Interrupting Love Making
  4. No Fumbling
  5. No Loss-of-Erection
  6. No Hassle